Math Letter

Mathematics- 6B

Name ______________________________ Date ______________ Block ________

Supplies for Math Class

Two sharpened pencils and erasers (brought EVERYDAY to class)


Binder with 5 labeled dividers






Loose leaf paper OR a single-subject spiral notebook

Multiplication flash cards (only brought when told ahead of time)


Class Expectations and Important Things to Remember

Students should come to class each day ready to learn and participate.

Binders need to stay organized, so students will be asked to take them home and organize them from time to time.

Students should memorize the multiplication facts (up to 12) and know them very well.

Students who participate in band, chorus, or BEAM are expected to pass in the homework during homeroom. They are also expected to get any classwork during that time as well.

You will receive letter grades on your report card!

You will always know in advance when a test or project is around the corner. You will be given enough time to prepare and study. It’s up to you to pace yourself and do not wait until the last minute to reach a deadline.


Grading/Homework Policy

Tests count twice as much as quizzes, and are entered into my gradebook twice.

Projects count as test grades and students will be given at least a week to complete these.

Homework counts as a quiz grade and is given either a √+, √, or a √-.

√+ = 100%, this is given when an assignment is complete and all work is shown. I don’t give a grade on what is correct and what is not, I am just looking for it to be neat and complete. I will collect some homework assignments that will be graded that way.

√ = 80%, this is given when an assignment is mostly complete and it may be missing some of the work.

√- = 60%, this is given when an assignment is very incomplete and little to no work is shown.

All assignments that are not worksheets/projects are to be done in the homework section of your math binder.

No late work will be accepted!

If you do not have your homework assignment the day it is due, your assignment is incomplete, or not presented in a neat, orderly fashion, a zero will be entered in my grade book. There are obviously extenuating circumstances and I am very aware of that, but please send the student in with a note.

If you are absent, it is expected that you call a “study buddy” for the day’s assignment. You will be given one additional day following your return to school to present the completed assignment to me for credit. If the homework assignment is not presented during this time frame, a zero will be entered in my grade book. Example: if you are absent for 2 days, you have 2 days to make up the work.

Reminder: 100% completion of homework = 100% test score.


I have read and understand the Supply List, Expectations, and the Grading/Homework Policy.


________________________________            __________________________________

           Student’s Signature                                           Parent/Guardian’s Signature

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